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goth/ gothic metal

31 Jul 2003

I would like to get as much information as possible about the goth/ gothic metal scene in Japan. I would like to know more about bands and everything, but I am particularly interested in geting information about printed magazines that cover these areas. Is there anyone out there that could send me the names and, if possible, email contacts of some japanese goth magazines?
It would be a great help to me...
Thanx in advance.
All the best.
There is a Gothic clothing magazine called "Gothic Lolita Bible" but I bought it a long time ago, and I'm not sure if they still print it.

There is a new band called Cross Cradle, who have a Gothic image, you can find their site here : http://www.geocities.jp/crosscradle

Bands more known publicly are Noir fleuir (maybe spelling is incorrect?) and ~ Moi Dix Mois ~
The only Goth band i'm familiar with is Malice Mizer. :sing: That's all I can think of right now. :)
Closest to that that I know of would be Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois. I am... a very uninformed girl. XP
:D Yeah, downloading old Malice Mizer is always worth it, and if you like where their sound was heading when they ended, you'll love Moi Dix Mois, formed by Mana, the founder of Malice Mizer. They just formed, and have only one single and one album out, but so far I like their sound. It's kind of eerie, though... Mana's new singer sounds like what would happen if you combined Gackt and Klaha... Weird!! Hmm, that's not very original information, but it's a good start! Good luck! I know there's a big goth scene developing in Japanese music, you just have to work hard to get to it. Ganbatte yo!
Hi everybody, I am Thehaze from the Netherlands. I thought I registered to a music-based forum, but I just discovered that it's quite more than that—all cool. I can have my fun around. I'd like to have some links and information about the gothic/metal/industrial/electro scene in japan and what you all think we represent in the east as a cultural movement.
I'd also like to have some contact with "occult minded" rationalists between you to exchange some ideas, and so...
I want to invite you all to visit my home places and my art at:
www.drionide.nl and www.users.skynet.be/sophyamusic

gothic scene in japan

I have found this website about the goth scene in Japan. People look so great too! Really nice, check it out!!!

Originally posted by Gaki
There is a Gothic clothing magazine called "Gothic Lolita Bible" but I bought it a long time ago, and I'm not sure if they still print it.

wow cross cradle its wonderfull, if you know where download disk or themes of it send me a e-mail or a private message, !!!:D :D :D 👍 👍 sugooooooiiiii
gothic bands I know......Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, and moi dix mois......i'm still searching for more......so please give me information Okay...!!
Originally posted by FuriX
gothic bands I know......Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, and moi dix mois......I'm still searching for more......so please give me information Okay...!!

that not is gothic, malice.. maybe, but it's so popular, like as moi dix moi, go here

there are many indies band very very goods!!
iM neW Here!

Hi eVerYone!!! i'm NEw to THis....AHhmmm...iF u WannA TaLk to ME or MEet ME..HoLla BAck!!!!!! THanKz!!!



i know one of their songs....i forgot the title..i think its "HALLOWED blah blah" LOLZ...i forgot the title!!! they rock though....:D :p

heh heh cradle did ALOT of slayer covers......but ALOT of original stuff two, i've heard friends say they like cannibal corpe but i've never personally heard them o_O
Haruhiko ash, of Eve of destiny, a Japanese Industry goth band he has together with former member Kテカzi of Malice Mizer, has a gothic club in Tokyo, roppongi
also there are "gothic lolita events" such as Alamode night, and Cave of excentric dolls, and more pure gothic events...such as Tokyo goth darkwave and Dark castle party, and such things.
I think Calmando Qual and Neurotic Doll, stands closer to "goth" than Moi dix Mois or Malice Mizer....as in comparance to goth scene of Germany. there are some clubs like Head Power and club Hoop in shinjuku arrangeing Cross over and Gothic liveshows/party events. includeing some drag artists too^_~
also sometimes gothic events are done in the livehouses but then it's mostly because someone in the gothic scene is dj or arranged them to go there because the show itself was a visual kei event or such things... it's a very underground scene in japan...
visual kei?^^ well that's like every livehouse which usually has visual bands....like there's something every day all year around....there's so many of those, what did you want to know?
Yes, There still is the gothic and lolita bible. You can find it in most book stores in tokyo easily. ( I live here.) It inclueds shopping places and stuff, the current issue covers quite a few things. and acctully has a maralyin manson interview.
The gothic visual-kei i know are dir en grey, malice mizer, Moi dix Mois and Noir Fleurir.. mana is really my favorite.. but i also listen to goth,doom and back metal.. most of the time, i listen to goth rock that is orchestral type.. sounds boring to other people but i enjoy that kind of music.. makes me feel that i'm in darkness. if you have any suggestions to me of other j-rock/visual-kei goth bands, please mail me.. ja!
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