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Gospel Music In Japan

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8 Oct 2002
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I read that Gospel music is popular in Japan.

Gospel is extremely popular in Japan. There is a large number of amateur bands who practice meticulously and sound very authentic.

An increasing number of singers even go the States to study with accomplished choirs there.



Any comments?
Try listening to Chihiro Onitsuka. She's the most popular gospel singer in Japan and she's currently topping the charts with her new album Sugar White.
It's not the typical gospelchoir stuff but more in line with American countrymusic.
I looked up, "Chihiro Onitsuka" I wasn't sure she was really Gospel. Seemed more Pop-Music.
Yeah, but she sings about religious topics. Listen to the song "Little beat rifle" and you'll know what i mean.

Also listen to "Infection". I'm not sure if that song has any religious meaning, but it's absolutely one of her most beautiful songs. Spinechilling!
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