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Good luck to my fellow college students!


The Rise of Cobra
31 Aug 2003
Well, winter break is pretty much over and gone. Come Monday I'll be back in college and chasing a slow moving dream. I just wanted to wish all the other collegeg students here on the forum good luck!

College may take a long time and sometimes can be a downright nightmare, but what's the point of chasing a dream if you can't have one hell of a ride along the way?

Remember keep your head up, take the good parts of college with a smile, and cowboy up when things get tough!

I will try and stop by the forum when I can and don't worry. . . I'll bring the BEER!

Good luck everyone!
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HA HA,It very Nice of you to bring up this Thread,
I woke up today like that i gotta get my act stright and just think about that this vacation was just for mre to realize that you have to struggle.I will come here as often as possible,Take care

damn! mines on the 12th....that means no more partying on everynight basis.... now its every other night. but i got a couple months left!! then i'm free. maybe move to ny....😌 that would be good.
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