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26 Aug 2003
nd a good kanji page while surfing this site 日本語 resources and here is the page i found. i found it to be a very useful in learning kanji hopefully you will too! :cool: Kanji page also check out the other stuff on that page there is some net stuff there.
I second that! TheJapanesePage's kanji and grammar sections are great! The culture section is a bit light, though. The same people also run a store (thejapanshop.com) with some good stuff. And no, I don't work for them ;)
Those of you who have learned a good deal of Japanese (without going to Japan), did you learn kanji as you learned to speak?

For learning Swedish and German, I just read a lot of stuff online, news sites, and hobbies. I have and talked to many swedes and Germans online. I got my German to near fluency doing this.

I obviously can't do Japanese unless I learn the writing as I go. I've already got a good deal of hiragana down and a few kanji.

I feel my structured grammar knowledge is right next to the "crap" indicator on the scale. :p

All the Japanese I know is from watching anime and looking at the basic grammar stuff online. However, it is strange how much I can understand and how familiar Japanese sounds to me.

I realised this yesterday while watching Shaolin soccer (in Chinese). I was dead reliant on reading the sub-titles, which made me realise how much I can understand Japanese while watching anime. (don't get me wrong, or anything. It's not like I don't need the sub-titles. It's just that I recognise a lot of what is said, and when I don't, I can tell what function most words serve)

Understanding is not speaking though

I really should take a class... but I'm going to have to learn Russian in school here, and my German still isn't fluent.

Hmm, I'm rambling so much that I don't even know what I'm trying to ask. I love learning languages, and Japanese is especially intriguing. I find it relaxing to write kanji also 😄 It's also fascinating reading Japanese and recognising kanji that I know.

So. I guess my point is that I'm too strained by stuff now (I'm an exchange student in Germany) to be able to go full force into Japanese. I have this itch for it, though, and I think I'd like to probably go there for at least a while I'm in Uni. I'd like to speak enough Japanese to benefit from what would probably only be a semester-long visit to japan (If my Japanese were as it is now, I wouldn't benefit from being immersed in the culture because it wouldn't be long enough, I need to get at least a means to gain semi/broken fluency from which to improve upon)

Does anyone get what I mean *grin* :eek:
Thanks a lot
that will help

Take these sites from me:

really nice one Seppuku, MtoM ^_^

and Oyo, so you know swedish :D if you need any help, you can message me if you want to :)
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