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Good J Pop needed !!!


6 Feb 2003
I'm a big fan of The Brilliant Green, AmiYumi and Porno Graffitti - however I find it hard to locate good mp3's to download. Kaazaa doesn't have much - where do you find yours ?

I'm also after recommendations for other similar bands that play upbeat, jumpy, happy J POP...

Merry Christmas
hmmmm......let me find my cd collection(all burned^-^)........................
some artists you might be intrested in are
saeko chiba
tomoe shinohara (she is fun)
Thats all I can think of right now. I don't know specific sites where you can d/l them but the sites are on the 'net somewhere because I d/l them all of the 'net ^-^ I don't have the money for CD's they are so expensive
hahahaha i thought of more
road of major
I hope this helps some.........
I would reccomend:
Utada Hikaru (because she rox)
The Polysics (because their music is insanely hyper)

hum.....i may think of more later.^_^ I download mine from WinMx...there is a large Japanese and otherwise foreign population using that program, so J-Music is easier to find.
http://www.winmx.com :)
The digi charat songs are very up beat and happy, you could try that. There is one song on the soundtrack, Partynight~parapara hyper Version~, it is very catchy.
Shrinkwrap- I can't find anything on The Polysics on WinMx:D who are they I have never heard of them
Yeah, the Polysics are hard to find on WinMx... They are on two good compilation cd's called "Japan for Sale (volumes 2 and 3)"...
I think there's a full album from the Polysics available in the USA as well... it's titled "Neu", and includes one of the songs featured on the "Japan for Sale" compilations... I think the one on Vol. 3.

Polysics are a pop group with a punk edge, so they'd appeal to the rock music fan, I think... pretty interesting stuff, and a good example of the non-mainstream music coming from Japan...

Hope this info helps...

jpmp3.com is a good place to go for a lot of Japanese music. Just pick what you think you might want to listen to and just download. You either need to use NetPumper or run downloads from a Java applet. It does have quite a lot of music up there, tho. You should be able to find something you like.
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