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Good, Free Anime?


24 Apr 2004
Hi everybody .
I started studying japanese 3 month ago , till now so far so good but i want to improve my listening skills and for that i started to watch some anime but for me is little dificult to find good anime since im new to all this ...
well , what i need to now is some good anime that i can find over the net for free , i've already seen , spirited away... i thought it was pretty good !

thanks !
Ever heard of bittorrent? Know about that, do a search on that with the word 'anime' in it, and you'll come up with a lot, guarentee.
I recommend animesuki
You'll find only unlicensed animes there which means free and legal to download (as long as you don't keep them when they're licensed or as long as you buy the licensed version)
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If you're in to Naruto and sort of that stuff I'd recomment kragamuffin --> free anime episode's 👍 .....What can I say...I'm a human searchbot 😌
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as helpful as that site is, its against forum policy to post links to copyrighted material.
it should be fine, theres a warning in it so anyone else should know better than to put a link in here.
Thanks , i'll be cheking all of those right away ...
I,ve heard of naruto but i've never seen it , i'll check that one also ...

thanks a lot !.
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