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Good for her.


29 May 2002
This came from Mainichi Daily News

Woman stuns train groper with an electric gun.

YOKOHAMA -- An 18-year-old woman armed with an electric stun gun and a micro camera attached to her cellular phone successfully nabbed a groper on a train and handed him over to station workers, police said Saturday.

Hiroshi Morooka, a 38-year-old company employee from Yokohama's Totsuka-ku, told police that after he groped his victim, she pulled out a "stun device" threatened to give him an electrical shock.

"I knew it was all over the moment she whipped the thing out," officers quoted Morooka as saying.

Morooka was feeling up the woman's body on a JR train running between Yokohama and Totsuka stations at about 9 p.m. on Thursday, so she started filming his actions with a camera attached to her mobile phone, Totsuka Police Station officers said.

She then grabbed the molester's hand and told him, "I've got you on film, there's no escape."

Morooka tried to slip away but was forced to stop when she produced the stun device. She handed the man over to workers at Totsuka Station, and police officers arrested him shortly after. The digital film she took of the groper was submitted as evidence.

The stun device, commonly known as a "stun gun," is designed to give molesters a mild electrical shock without inflicting injury and is now carried by many women on trains to ward off gropers. (Mainichi Shimbun, Aug. 24, 2002)

I think this is great!!!
Somebody needs to give her a medal. Hopefully this will make more guys think twice before trying to take advantage.
👏 👏

I've read about these fondlers here at the forum. Justice prevails lol, she must have nerves of steel to tell him that he was on film, lol but it worked well in this case thankfully, hmm stun gun, I can't help but wonder if the electric shock is mild when applied to other parts of the body and not just a hand or arm, ouch!!! but she was brave I'll give her that 🙂
yeah, definitely she had balls ... wohoho .... dam!

One thing about digital high tech is that it works both ways. I've seen more and more stories of perverts with their movie type cell phones stick the carmera part just under a girls skirt while she's walking up some stairs.

Congrtats to the lady who pulled that stun gun ... wow
@girls skirts
I have heard a lot about that...some of my friends in Japan have told me about these sites. They specialize in that...their called "upskirt" sites. Most of the pics on theses sites are Japanese because it is sooo popular.

Here in the states, we just got the cell with the camera in it...I am waiting for stories of people getting into trouble...LOL "GO TECHNOLOGY!!!"...

@not just a hand or arm
There have been a few cases of people defending them selves with stun guns and hitting a man in his "Sensitive Spot"...It turns purple and has been know to knock a man out when it happens.
@ samuritora OUCH!!! lol😌

@ cameras and girls skirts, how sad is that???? lol:eek:, those poor men are lowered to the status of peeping Toms, lol and to go as far as having an upskirt site, well I'll say no more, or else I'll be reported to the admin, (Thomas don't be too harsh on me! I didn't say a word) lolol

Originally posted by deborah gormley
well I'l say no more,,, or else I'l be reported to the admin,,(Thomas dont be too harsh on me! I didnt say a word) lolol

Don't worry, Debs, most of us have already grown up, at least physically...
@ penial law I guess you'd call it ;)

@ upskirts ...
ahhh, the whole AV scene is full of perversions.
Osaka founded no-pan-kissa .... pantiless coffee shops that had mirrors on the floors.

oh well, the effects of economics I guess.
WHAT??? no-pan-kissa!!!...doko desu ka.

What the hell is that all about...and where is the closest one to me...LOL
Osaka .... Osaka is always the cutting edge of the Pink market.

And believe or not ... lot's of women were quite willing to work there.

Come to think of it. People always pick on Japan for lack of originality. lolo ... let me introduce to a few kansai people. They will put that myth to shame. ;)

ughh .... if I rich, young, and not married ..... oh well, maybe in my next life :)
I was discussing this with a friend of mine and he is a chef. He is dieing to open one here, just not sure of the laws.

We actually sat down and figured some numbers out and everything. Next time this year, you guys could be "coming" to my no-pan-kissa...lol.

So, moyashisensei, when are we meeting in Osaka???
ASAP! Especially if you're funding the business trip!

Definitely, have to do market reasearch first ;)
@Definitely, have to do market reasearch first

Amen to that...Last night he was talking about going over there to check it out. His idea, to start, would be to do everything the same but have them where thongs and when everyone is used to it...THEN we go to a full blown "no-pan-kissa"!!!

I am really liking his thought processes...LOL
lololo .....

Unbelievably many women didn't mind working at these places. Normally, that kind is a no touch situation and the pay is/was really good.
I would expect it to be a "no touch" atmosphere and the pay to be extremely well.

One thought we were tossing around is "that time of the month"...what do they do???
@ wife
hmmm, I'm a consultant ;) and be very vague about details

@ Debs
oops, sorry for the boy talk 🙂
@ moyashi, don't let me stop you both please!! this is interesting and a learning process for us women, we have often wondered what you men speak about when together lolol🙂 (I'm staying out of this now to let you men get on with it, hehe I read it of course!!) 🙂
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