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Good Design? Bad Design?


9 Aug 2003
I am thinking of starting my own J-music site...
What do you think of this design?

I will be looking for people as "staff" once online, so if anyone is interested writing articles on bands and helping me find up to date news reply please!!

Well the site looks nice, easy to navigate, eye catching and generaly solid. (nice blue). I'd offer to help but I do not know anything about jpop.
i dont know.. i think the header too simple and size of the letter in it and in navigation menu is too big. and what is that empy space on the right side of the browser? flexible design is better than fix size you know.. one more thing, those featured bands image is too big too. ha ha i talked to much i guess. well, keep up the good work!
yeah the banner is not finished, I only made it to put here... I will make a proper one when I get the time... I plan to fill the space with a collage thing, what do you think?
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