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Good Adventure Game?


23 Oct 2003
I'm looking for a job but at the mean time I would like to play an adventure game to pass the time. Can anyone recommend me a good adventure game for the ps2 that can be finished in about 100 hours I only have 3 weeks to play.
the blood omen / soul reaver series. I love the story (typo free this time)
Thanks Marrow, btw there's always the "edit" button if you want to change your post.
It might be a kick *** game but the graphics bug me. I just rented this Grandia 2 game I though it was an adventure but it ended up being a RPG.
ya its a good game, I like Ryudo's attitude but the graphics are a little below ps2 average.
Try Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat

Tons of exploring, fighting, and ship battles.
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