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Golden Week - Holiday, or Stay Home?!

What will you do in Golden Week?

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2 Mar 2004
Golden Week holidays :D are just a few weeks away, so will you be:

1) Taking a holiday of course - its Golden Week!
2) Staying at home - Japan is too crazy busy at this time!
3) Haven't decided yet.
We have some friends coming from Kobe to visit us so I guess we might travel somewhere in Kagoshima with them but it's unlikely my husband will get anytime off :( It is possible he will be able to get at least a day off later - make it a long weekend - and go camping ^-^ hmm what time do the snakes awaken from hibernation??
Sleep, sle-e-e-e-ep...

Uh, no plans but resting.

That is of course, unless something happens. :homer:

An onsen trip might be good, I suppose.
I can take my holiday anytime, so why be crazy and pay 5x the price during the golden week ?
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