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Going to Tokyo, can I spectate a drift or hill/mountain car racing scene ?


20 Dec 2003
Hey guys, I'll be in Tokyo from the 23rd till the 29th. I wanted to possibly try and spectate a hill/mountain car racing scene or maybe even just a street drifiting scene... Just want to check out what Japanese people do with their cars to push them to their limits. Even just a big gathering of tuned cars would be cool...

Is this possible at this time of the year (just thought it might be too cold or something). If it is, where can I go check it out? Is it some sort of a secret underground thing that I'd have to be "in the know" to be able to?

Any pointers? Anybody living in Tokyo on this forum?


Nah, people are cool. And just like here in the U.S., people who dump a lot of cash into their rides usually want to show them off. Any car enthusiast is more than welcome to chill with the locals and with the case of foreigners, maybe even moreso (if you speak Japanese or have a Japanese-speaking friend). Tokyo's weather is pretty mild this time of year in terms of snowfall (traditionally speaking) but ideally you would want to catch the wangan and zero-yon racers during the peak summer months.

Most of the self-styled "hashiriyas" (and their wannabe clones) don't come out until well after the sun goes down (midnight or so) when the highways are devoid of traffic. Chances are you may find some diehards but it might be a bit too cold really. Can't speak for the whole touge scene you touched on but the higher the altitude, the better the chance you'll find snow on the roads (and no racers).

And finally, if you don't have your own ride (which it sounds like you don't because you are just visiting) to cruise around in, trying to find a good congregation of people is hard enough in the summertime let alone at this time of the year. During the summer I remember a lot of people would hang out near the on/off expressways where there were usually convenience stores and parking lots nearby for easy access. Sorry, not much help I know.
I got to see some crazy hashiriyas on the shitoko highway! you guys should check it out, too! :)
yeah, i WOULD like to see that. i play txr every other night. bought 3 even though i don't have a ps2, just so i can play at someone else's house.
Hey djslim, noticed this post recently. Have you seen any racing yet? Im talking to a guy that runs the C1 highway on saturday nights in his GTR. He agreed to take me round on my stay in October so that should be good :) . My dad is into this kinda stuff over here in the UK so ive kinda caught the bug. Being 15 I havnt had the oppotunity to drive in such activities but only to be a passenger, still fun though! Theres a well known import company that alot of people use in the UK called newera, they released a DVD called 'skylines and skyscrapers'. Its basically about Miguel (the founder of newera') starting up the business and the tuning scene in Japan. It shows the Hakone Skyline mountian racing, the C1 and other drifitng. I must say, it looks awesome.
I still find it hard to believe that the police dont see it as an easy way to make arrests as in England.
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