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Going to Okinawa for a week!!


20 Aug 2002
Yay! Booked this thing yesterday, and am pretty excited. I'll be going to Okinawa for a week from Aug 31 to September 8th (one day in Fukuoka also).

Anyway, I have noooooooooooo plan what-so-ever, and plan on ditching the main island as soon as I land there and heading to some small island where I can just veg out for the week.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've heard that Iriomote is the place to go to, so I'm looking into that but have no idea how to get there... Anyone been?
My little brother went to Fukuoka when he was there, he said that other than an amusement park it was really unlike Tokyo. I haven't been there though yet.

haven't been yet, but plan to this summer, maybe November. when you come back, revive this post and tell me the places to go! Hope you have fun :)
If you are into the night life...go to Naha and some of their clubs. Club Cafe Air, Paradiso are some really nice ones. If you like hip-hop go to Be-Greens. All these clubs can be found on Kokusai Street.

During the day, go to the American Village in Okinawa City. They have a Jusco Mall, and many cools shops. Along with a big Farris Wheels. Usually at the main intersection some people come out and put on small shows. So far, Ive seen 15-25 year olds break dance, and then some put on a harlme blow trotters type show :) I enjoy it. Perhaps you might see me and my friends out there doing POI or dancing with Lights.:p

You will have a good time.
actually, I wont be going to clubs I think, because you can go to clubs anywhere, right. I think I'll hang out at some beautiful beach...
Are the beaches busy on the main island, should I go to a smaller one?
After spending time in Mainland Japan, arriving in Okinawa throws all the weight from your shoulders and receives you in a laid-back atmosphere.
But you 'll admit that essentially it is another country. Pace of life goes at a tottaly other (much slower!) rythme. Apart from having the same language, there is not too much in common with Japan.
I know i touch a sensitive issue here, but in the heart of Okinawans, you'll see it.

One of the major drawbacks of main island (Okinawa Hontou) is the overall presence of the US Army forces. Ranging from boys on the loose to double-rotor helis buzzing above your head at most unexpected moments - yes, the beaches are nice -, it has blemished this paradise on earth.

Remember that Okinawa had a "chinese influenced" culture for long, before it was annexed to Japan rather recently.

I suggest you hide away in the douzains of nature places and little islands. Avoid the messy cities (like Okinawa city) and you'll have a holiday of your lifetime.

If you only have time to spend around Hontou, supposing you go for some curing tourism, i suggest:

Shuri historic site (must-see!)
Itoman Memorial Park (it gives you gooseflesh realizing that on this spot the women and children jumped off the cliffs as the american army arrived ... japanese were to blame however!)

Ryukyu Village
Okinawa Submarine park (they have a newly opened aqurarium, with some world premieres)

I remember having been to some very nice nature spots around here, but I must look up the names. you can go swimming in the waterfalls and so ...
Okuma beach is very nice too, but pricey if you plan to stay overnight.
The cliffs totally up north are really worth the trip.
Iejima is good for a relaxing day or two as well

In August, there is also the Tsunahiki festival in Naha, but you might just be too late for it this time.

try this: http://www.ocvb.or.jp/en/

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Hey thanks jirzji for the great information!
yeah, I've heard it's a much slower pace down there, which seems amazing cos here in Kagoshima it's slower than mainland Japan so it's be interesting to see what Okinawa's like!

definately would like to go somewhere there's no Americans (no offense, but they do spoil the scenery) It's so sad that Okinawa had such a beautiful unique culture but was taken over and nealy destroyed twice.

Husband is Japanese and also like me hates touristy places, so I suppose we will plan this trip well, and head for some quieter island.
Thanks also for the nice website! Looks so beautiful......!

Thanks for all the info, and thanks for the link to http://www.ocvb.or.jp/en/

That site is great!

As you said, I also plan to ditch the main island and head for somewhere else shortly after getting there.

I'll have to go through that site and see what kind of events or whatever will be good to check out.

By the way, check out my moblog if you care to see what I get up to while I'm there. Of course I'll be sending GPS info, so you can see exactly where I am :)


Ok, I'm back from Okinawa now and it was awesome. Here are the pictures:


btw, I forgot my password for my photokyo login, and have since stopped using the email address I registered with. am I screwed?
Cool pics photokyo.

That pic with the Ferris Wheel: I was there last night, and There were a bunch of guy break dancing.. I have fun there all the time!. Also the pic from Kadena AFB...I suppose Naomi took you to a street called Gate 2 Steet? It's ok during the day. but at night it looks run down. You know what I mean if you've been there.

For the people that went to Okinawa. I'm glad you had fun here. There is plenty to do here!

If you like castles, there is one they are digging up and rebuilding called Katsuren Castle. It's on IIke Island. A lot of people say it is haunted and they claim to see ghosts. I had to go for myself. I didn't see anything. But they night it was real windy and added to the spooky effect. 😄
Japan...... insects...... snakes :) hey I hear if you catch a snake (maybe just some Okinawa and Kagoshima Islands) you get 5,000Y for it! Hubby sees snakes (and monkeys! and wild pig!) quite often while travelling for work......... scary!
Punk 窶堙固坦窶堙姑陳哉鍛ニ谷ツー URRGHHHHHH!!!!! thankfully I haven't seen another big spider after the last one.......
What's the name of that yellow and black spider which is so common here? nagano pref. is covered in them right now. Ah! I found 2 snakes here ... luckly they had been run over ... One was a thin yellow one and the other was a black/brown one which was quiet long. urg I hate em all!
just watch out for the poisonous mamushi...... black/brown about 30 cm long..... triangle shape head...
I haven't seen a snake yet, I really want to , I like snakes ;) (just not the poisonous one)
The English common name for that spider is "Banana Spider." I'm not sure of the Japanese Name though. I'll find out soon...

I found a dead Habu snake on the side of the road. I heard they are real dangerous and aggressive. Must watch out for them during the early and late evening hours.

No, I didnt get to Gate2 street... is that where the famed banana woman can be found? hah

Her house was right across the street from the base, so I could see into there from her balcony. Its kinda a shame that the bases take up so much of the land. Watching the car navi as we drove around you really realize how big those things are.

Btw, are you Japanese? Or just living there?
Argg! I read about mamushi just after you posted it. Damn it! I went for my leisurely walk of 1 hour around the local neighborghood as I usualy do , but this time i was a little paranoid that a mamushi might crawl out from the rice field :eek: I walked along , constantly looking at the side of the road to make sure.
LOL SM! I'm always on the look out for snakes too, but because I like them. well, I am a little scared of the poisonous ones. but just remember they are very shy creatures and will only bite if you accidentally step on them or scare them ;)

Here's me and hubby on our honeymoon in Australia. The snake was so gentle....
Urg! nice .. big .. snake... I wouldn't come within 100 miles of one of them unless they were locked away behind 3 ft sheets of glass. Aren't some snakes naturally agressive though? meaning they will attack you even if you don't provoke or scare them. Today it's raining here in nagano ... I guess that means i should really be careful.
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