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Going to Japan for a Conference


11 Nov 2003
Yepee !

My paper was accepted at a conference in Japan, I will visit the country... 👏
Even more, it is cheaper to stay a whole week
Plane+ hotel Included so everything is paid by my laboratory.

So I will be in Kyoto in the middle of December,
(the conference is http://isaac.lab2.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp/), and I have three questions:

- I will arrive from the plane in Narita Airport,
I know it is far from Kyoto, I will have to take the train but do I need to make some kind of reservations and how much time will it take me?

- I will be in Kyoto from 12 to 19 of December, with a conference from 15 to 17 (and a friend visiting me on 18th), what should I visit from the 13th to the 15th, and on the 18th with my friend?

- I have two credit card, one Canadian and one french. Shall I take some Yen in Canada before leaving, or some US$, or is it ok to arrive with only my credit cards?

Thanks in advance for your answers,
I like the Smilies,
Have a nice day,

By the way, I clicked by curiosity on the "advanced" link and it returns an error 404 (page not found). Sound like there is a broken link here.
you might be better off getting some yen from canada, you will be able to buy some at the airport with your credit card, but they usually have a higher price than a bank or so. everything costs more at the airport, convience tax. japan is a very cash friendly country so they arent so high up on credit cards/checks.
Always a good idea to carry cash on hand once you arrive at the airport since Japan is a cash-based society. Furthermore, to reiterate what has already been stated:

a) Some places don't accept universal CCs.

b) Never know when something unexpected might come up and it's always better to be safe than sorry (or inconvenienced).
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