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Going to Japan after highschool!


13 Aug 2003
Ahh, I asked my dad if it would be ok to go to Japan after high school, he said yeah, although I have questions about it because I'm a foreigner and all (Baka gaijin!) hehe anyway is there any laws, things to know? Any information we should all know beforehand? Also, any attractions and stuff... also what a plane ticket would cost?
Great for you!


And here's some links for you to find out more about your questions.

1. For attractions etc., take a look at Rough Guides | Travel Guide and Travel Information | Rough Guides, click on destinations, find Japan, and voila, attractions advice galore for free!

2. If you're a student, and book in advance, STA travel will probably be your best bet. Great discounts for youth and student! Although unfortunately, travel from the states is always expensive. Maybe you're looking at about $250 cheapest - I think...(I'm based in the UK)

3. If you want some penfriends, then post your ad on Japan Travel and Living Guide, under Forum, and then penpals. You get a ton more when you post them. I did it last week, and I have 5 penfriends now! Although only 1 guy for some reason...
As for laws...

While in Japan, remember:

1. Don't shout "Baka Nihonjin" in populated areas.

2. Don't strip and run around naked, with chopsticks in your hair, yelling "Kuru-kuru-pa".

3. Don't ask to see a Yakuza's tattoo and little finger.

Okay, for the real ones that you might not know about:

A. Don't make too much noise.

B. Don't blow your nose in public - go to a restroom first, it's considered rude, although some people are doing it more often now.

C. Bow a little bit.

D. It'll be good if you have learnt some Japanese, and be polite.

E. Don't worry if people move away from you when you sit down on the train.

F. During rush hour on the trains, expect people to elbow you out of the way - it's acceptable and expected...If you want to do it, politely push through people, with an audible, "Gomen, Gomen"
F. Is more of a big city thing, especially around Tokyo. You'll not be appreciated if you start elbowing people out of the way in some of the quieter parts of Japan.

btw thx kaminoko, the website for cheap flights is excellent i can save about ツ」150 !! as i am a student as well !!!! was you born in Britain or are you just located there
No probs Arch

You're welcome! Actually, my Dad was an English ex-pat in Malaysia. Therefore, even though I was born in Malaysia, I still had a British passport. Came back over to the UK 11 years ago. Now living in London!
"Don't worry if people move away from you when you sit down on the train" - What does it mean?

People in Tokyo think that all foreigners are perverts or what?;)
nope. rude and wishy-washy certainly -- with good reason
but i haven't gotten THAT perception yet... hmm
"Don't worry if people move away from you when you sit down on the train" - What does it mean?

Many Japanese people will avoid sitting or standing next to foreigners. You can have a very crowded train yet have no one sitting next to you. I call it the "force field effect". Sometimes I wait to see just how crowded it gets before some brave person will sit next to me. Just don't let it bother you. If you find yourself with the extra space, be happy. Don't abuse the space, however.
My mums friend's daughter got to go to japan for 1 year for her university. she got sponsered by the school, so she doesn't have to pay anything! I wish i was her >_<
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