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Glossary of Japanese Historical Terms

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15 Mar 2002
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Glossary of Japanese Historical Terms

A glossary with the most important terms relating to the history of Japan. This list will be continually expanded.


[tr1][td] bakufu [/td][td]幕府[/td][td]Government of the shogunate, also referring to the seat of the government and administration[/td][/tr1]
[tr2][td]bakuhan taisei[/td][td]幕藩体制[/td][td]Edo-era system of government, characterised by the central authority of the bakufu and local autonomy of the han [/td][/tr2]
[tr1][td]be[/td][td]部[/td][td]Hereditary professions assigned to uji [/td][/tr1]
[tr2][td]bunmei kaika[/td][td]文明開化[/td][td]"Civilization and enlightenment", an early Meiji-era movement aiming at re-organising Japan according to Western ciliization[/td][/tr2]
[tr1][td]buke, bushi[/td][td]武家・武士[/td][td]Warrior class[/td][/tr1]
[tr2][td] chōnin [/td][td]町人[/td][td]Edo-era...

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