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Global Warming and Practical Safety ― Heavy Snowfall

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6 Jan 2007
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In the News Feed section there is an NHK World article, but in about 30 days or so that will expire, so maybe it is better to place a link to an Asahi article on the same topic:

Now that has a very interesting picture of a snowstorm in 2006, but it struck me that I remembered a snowstorm more recently and then found this in the Japan Times from 2014:

One paragraph that is interesting to me is:

. . . . . . . . . .< < < Copy Starts > > >
In Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, 91 cm of snow fell, the heaviest snowfall there on records going back to 1894. The previous record in Kofu was 49 cm in January 1998.
. . . . . . . . . .< < < Copy Ends > > >

So now I am wondering what is necessary for providing safety information to people related to a snowfall of unusual proportions, such as outlined in that paragraph above.

It seems we have to start worrying more about this problem, so what better place to discuss safety on the matter than right here?


Quietly exploding
27 Nov 2012
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This is a reason why they’ve had to change the term to “climate change.” Dummies think that because it snows, the earth isn’t warming.

It‘s unfortunate that we’ll have to deal with all this, but Japan is one of the countries that has the resources and prioritizes safety highly that I don’t live in dread over it.
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