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3 Nov 2002
My wife's computer still runs on Win 95, believe it or not. And she is able to use the old Global IME plug-in for browsing and e-mail on the internet explorer. Since I got my Win 2000 Pro OS, I have been unable to find a plug-in that will enable me to write email in Japanese. Maybe Microsoft Outlook has something like this, but as of yet I have not found anything. Could someone suggest a solution?
A few weeks ago I faced a similar problem, and boy was I mad! Then I found out that W2K does not require Global IME any longer as all the localization packs are part of the system...

=> http://www.ficorp.com/intl_2000.html

I'm not sure about Outlook though.
When you configure your OS for the first time, you can choose the language or languages of the keyboard. And even after that you still can add or remove languages.

Just go to control panel ツサ Text services ツサ And add or remove the desired language and set it as default. Usually when activated, it stays on the Systray for easy access.

I gave this example on a win2k Server edition. Good luck :)

I found this feature by accident. I usually install all languages packages and once I did press a number of weird keys combinations and I could only write in chinese. It was embarassing trying to get back to portuguese :D
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