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Global Climate Change


30 Apr 2007
I don't see any open threads on this topic specifically so I'd be interested to know what everyone's familiarity with the issue is. My treatment of the topic is quite wide; that is to say I think to really tackle the issue we need to examine more than just what's happening within the sphere of popular science and meterology.

The paramaters of the discussion, if it gets going, are I think as follows:

We are in possession of a model of climate change that is popularly accepted. The most widely accessible presentation of the current model is best described in Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'.

There is however a dissenting voice which states the original facts, well-meaning as they were, are not correct and we are NOT in possession of the best known and most wholistic approach to climate change. There are models and data available which tell of a completely different story, and this is being largely ignored by the major media outlets. In the opinion of some, it's being actively suppressed.

From this, stems the question, if a campaign of deception exists, who's agenda is actually being furthered by the possibility of a false climate change model and false approach? Why, in other words, are we being potentially deceived on the issue? Within the context of climate change, is it possible and to what degree could science itself be compromised and manipulated by business or politics?

Climate Change: what is your understanding and opinion on the facts as you see them?

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I believe that global warming exists as a natural phenomenon and that we are mostly likely contributing to this natural process at least to some extent, however i do not believe the global warming we are experiencing is completely man-made.
There are two main forms of pollution- pollution to the atmosphere like fossil fuel emissions which contribute to processes like global warming, and pollution directly to the environment like the dumping of house hold waste and toxic by-products from factories into the environment etc- personally the latter concerns me more than the former.
I guess "climate change" is a more apt name for "global warming" as "global warming" gives the impression that its all about things getting warmer- however "saving the planet" which is a phrase that many people seem to be saying is certainly not true, as we cannot destroy out planet in essence, only the life on it as we know it etc.

I think far more needs to be done about pollution that directly effects our environments and its wildlife ecosystems, however i am wary about cutting down on stuff like emissions purely for global warming's sake, particularly when the public experiences things like increased tax's for the sake of global warming.
Really, what i would prefer is simply that our governments put more effort into planting things like tree's and creating new wildlife reserves from scratch (and not just sectioning off existing habitats for wildlife conservation uses, although thats important too) than scaremongering the general public over things that we really do not understand that much- apparently the worlds oceans emit 90 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, every year. Decaying plants throw up another 90 billion tonnes, compared to just six billion tonnes a year from humans. So i do think it is questionable over how much impact we're really having on global warming and how much of the climate change we're experiencing is actually man-made or natural and what we can actually realistically do about it (although i guess to be honest i would rather "be safe rather than sorry" as the old saying goes).
I've seen Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and I've just finished watching BBC's "Planet Earth" series, the last one being about the possible effects of global warming (and the destruction of ecosystems and species because of humans' development of the land and poaching certain animals).

The most scary effects right now can be seen at the poles, where ice is melting faster than even some scientists predicted. Polar bears don't have as much ice for breeding and hunting as they used to (and in one episode of "Planet Earth" a polar bear was filmed trying to attack walruses, which the camera crew said they'd never seen before - because there was no ice where there used to be, the polar bear was coming up on shore where the walruses were). Seals are also being affected, which is another reason environmental groups think they shouldn't be hunted anymore (their populations are going down because of less ice). There's a big chunk of ice at the Antarctic that's about to break off, which has been intact as long as anyone can remember.

As far as the debate goes as whether or not we humans are doing anything to cause this, the oil companies certainly have a stake in trying to make us think it's not us that's causing it, and since these companies run a lot of the media (in the U.S. at least) I'm sure the seriousness of it is getting downplayed.

I don't understand all the scientific arguments or theories, but it certainly seems logical that all the pollution we've been putting out into the atmosphere, cutting down so many forests that keep the air clean, and changing the face of the earth so much that we couldn't possibly know all the effect this is having, would have an effect on the balance of the planet. Thank goodness there are renewable energy companies starting. I think that's the way to go for the future.
sarpava san i suggest you watch the great global warming swindle as well you may see that the science behind man made global warming is not so good.
"Greatest Scam In History"

Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming 'Greatest Scam in History'

It is not only the earth that is heating up, but all planets in the solar system are heating up. Jupiters largest moon, Titan, is experiencing melting, Mars and Pluto, as well as all the planets are experiencing their own form of "Global Warming".

Therefore, it has more to do with the sun than anything we are doing on this planet. This we are not being told and one has to look for the information as it is not leading the headlines in the news concerning "Global Warming.

"Sun Blamed for Warming Earth and Other Worlds"

Since this is a natural phenomon, we are being fed a bunch of hogwash that it is us humans that are causing "Global Warming" when such is not the case.

IMO I believe it is a scam being perpetrated by the UN and other governments in order that they may impliment there longed for Carbon Tax on the citizens of the world. Another tax that will just be abused and go into the hands of the worlds elite under the guise of helping to stop global warming and to "generate sources of financing for development in poor countries." Sadly many people are falsly falling for it as they usually do without doing their own research.

Also, the major media like the NY Times continues this scam with stories like this: "One Answer to Global Warming: A New Tax"

The earth has a way of correcting and healing itself. Besides, more pollution was put into the atmosphere by the blowing of major volcanos over the centuries than all the CO2 humans have put into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the earth never heated up then. I believe it to be a natural cycle.

Therefore, the real culprit in Global Warming is the sun undergoing major changes.

More links:

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The Truth About Global Warming - It's the Sun That's to Blame (found in the UK Telegraph)
Does it matter whether the effects of global warming are mainly/solely caused by man? Should we be any less obliged to reverse the damage we've done through centuries of pollution and waste?

If our actions now will have have grave consequences for future generations, a few people will stand up and do something. If our actions now will have grave consequences for us, everyone will stand.
Global warming is contraversial, but the effect the pollutants have on the environment and people is a lot more cut and dried. As I see it, even if global warming is mostly due to natural causes, we still must make an effort to reduce our impact on our environment.

But I can't see most people taking the measures necessary to make an actual impact on decreasing pollution till most everyone is feeling it's urgency due to being directly impacted in a very unpleasant way. Fortunately, a lot of the green technologies are already available, so when the time comes for drastic change, the existing technologies simply need be dusted off and put into use.

Just a bit on passive houses.

A graph showing the energy usage of a passive house in comparison with other kinds of houses.

A passive house in Germany (featured in Times magazine).

And here's a link to an incinerator toilet that has some promising technologies.

Of course we've all seen the greener cars, organic foods, and other green stuff. As energy gets more expensive, the trend is likely to have people moving closer to work and demanding more public transportation. Smaller houses, less materials used, less cars, and overall a smaller footprint on the planet.
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