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12 Jul 2003
Does anybody know a lot about Glay or Dir en Grey? I have to write a history for both of them for Web design.^^ But of course info on Dir en Grey should be easy enough to find. Really I'm mostly looking for Glay info.
It wasn't a problem at all.... KoranRi this has been grating on my nerves...but your avatar is it FY? Or maybe Ceres? It looks very Fushigi Yugi styled...and every manga/anime artist has a distinct style and it seems to fint that artists "calling card"
Actually I've never heard either of them. Everytime I've tried to download Winter Again it never worked. >< I 've always liked Global Communication and However.
Global communication is good...I like this one song on a DVD that I got with this 2 Glay CD set that I bought...but I have no idea what the song is...all I remember is that on the DVD Teru keeps trying to sing and he figures out that the microphone isn't turned on....
at first i didnt like glay all that much but recent like this last month i have been getting into them abit (dont hurt me..please)

so.i dunno
*looks like she's going to hurt XJFG* kidding...everyone likes what they like...I'm sure I like some J-rock that people probably don't like or I don't like bands that most people do like. Like I think DEG is okay...but I really don't like a lot of their music
as far as DEG goes...I love them. I'm just very selective as to which songs I listen to. Some of their songs have a good beat, but the lyrics aren't something I want to listen to. at first I didn't like Glay that much either. Probably because I hadn't really listened to it.
x-japan DEG and mizer won me to the j-side lmao

i really like DEG but some of there songs arent all that great others kik ***
It was Malice Mizer that really got me into it and of couse by the time I heard them and became infatuated with Gackt they had already lost Gackt as a member and he was solo...and then I got into Gackt, La'Cryma Christi Laruku and the list goes on and on and on
the song i rememeber that made me go OGM OGM J-ROCK was actually beast of blood...i sent it to an american friend over yahoo and now he's yuki and gackt obsessed lmao..but i did like x-japanish stuff before this lol..i sorta came across my j-rock on accident..like i do all my music
I started listening to jrock b/c of my English teacher (indirectly tho). She probably hasn't even heard of Dir en Grey, but if she hadn;t made us play that game maybe I'd never have listened to dir en grey
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