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Glad to be home....but missing Japan


7 Jun 2002
I lived and worked in Kanazawa Japan ( on the Sea of Japan side of Japan) for 7 years. I taught English at an English conversation school for 3 years, then taught at a culture center and gave private lessons for the next 4 years.

I left Japan in June 1999 and returned home to Texas where I continue to do art work that I studied in Japan, ( Chigerie, washi) My friends in Japan send me my supplies, and we keep in touch by e-mail.

One of my friends will visit me in June, and I look forward to showing her what Texas hospitality is, in exchange for all the wonderful hospitality I received in Japan.

I do miss many things about Japan.....the yakitori-ya's, sushi, authentic ramen
the comraderie of groups eating at restaurants (the beer pouring ritual), sharing of the individual dishes that are served, the constant present giving and receiving. the "home parties" But most of all the lasting friendships
Hi Barbara, a warm welcome to you too!

I hope you'll share some of your Japan-related experiences with us. Enjoy your stay!
Thanks to Dave (Microage 97), Moyashi (Japan Chronik). and Thomas, (the reference guy) , for taking the time to welcome me.

If I can be of any help to anyone, regarding Japan, (or Texas), please feel free to write me. I look forward to hearing from ya'll.
Hajimemashite! Watakushi ha life to moshimasu. yoroshiku onegaitashimasu. First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the community. I am really interested about japan's culture. oshiete itadakenain deshou ka? onegaitashimasu.arigatou gozaimasu.
welcome!!! to jref

enjoy your stay here... hope you can get some nice extra memories here, and some nice Warm feelings....
Not much point in welcoming Barbara, Nangi. She seems to not be participating in JREF any longer.
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