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Glad to be here!


12 Jul 2003
Hi everyone! I'm a college student in California, United States. I like to hike, watch movies, discuss politics and exercise. I've great interest in Japan, particularly the social structure and culture. I'll be traveling to Japan this winter and I really want to learn to speak the local language. I guess that's about it. This website looks very interesting and friendly. I'm happy to be here.🙂
Hi Nangi-san! What's there in Kansai? I've always wanted to go to there to look at the Kansai airport. The construction of the airport is really phenomenon!
Konnichiwa Rosie-san!

Yes, I think so too, Kansai-airport is so great!;) But I live in Hyougo. Hyougo is the other side of Osaka Bay from Kansai-airport.:p

O-hai-yo, Nangi-San!

So, what's in Hyougo? I've passed-by Japan a couple of times, but usually just dropping by (usually in Tokyo) at the most...a night...just before I fly back to Singapore/United States. I'm going back to Singapore this winter, and yes, I'll be in Japan. I plan to stay there for at least two days.
And Hello to Everyone!!!

Sorry, people.:sorry:

I was unable to send any messages. I had tried to reply to all of you, but the messages just didn't get out. Please, I wasn't being unfriendly.:sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
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