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Girlie's can be cool too :) My Bebe: 180sXxy

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The Story
I got the 180SXxy in June 1998...before I even had my driver's license. My god-cousin gave me the car. He was a smoker & worked as a welder, so you can only imagine what a pig he was. The car hadn't been washed in a year or so, the injectors were leaky, the shocks were bad, there was no motor oil, the rims where GHETTO, the muffler had a hole in it, the tint was purple & bubbly, the ash trays were full of cigarette butts...well you get the picture, the car was screwed up!! I spent months cleaning her up...years restoring stuff, perfecting lil' things, replacing tons of lil' interior parts, engine parts, suspension parts, whatever, everything! I cleaned her up, fixed her up, gave her a new home, and with a lil' Lovin' and a lot of TLC... she has evolved into a beautifully babied S13 who we know today as the 180SXxy
Nice ride Shigatsu. Speaking of gurl racers, check out:


I've emailed Malia Kim in the past (you don't see too many chicks with the same set of wheels as me, heh) and with her permission I have provided the above link to her webpage if anyone is interested.
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