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14 Mar 2002
If you think that Japan's amusement industry only caters to gentlemen, you're wrong. 🙂:

Drinking in the delights of men

=> Drinking in the delights of men | The Japan Times

Club casanovas specialize in 'virtual love affairs'

Catering to female romantic fantasies is a rewarding-and satisfying-profession for many ambitious young men entering the host trade. `I no longer sleep with my customers because once you sleep with them, they become women, not clients.' Junpei Mishima is agonizing over a problem that could kill his career. He's in love. Romance is fine, but it's poison for a top-ranking host at one of the longest-standing establishments in Tokyo's Kabukicho night district in Shinjuku that cater to women's lust for entertainment from men.

"My goal is to be the ultimate host,'' says the 25-year-old Junpei. "I want to be a professional gigolo with national recognition.'' Many young men share his sentiment, aspiring to the career path known as "hosting.'' Once considered disreputable, career womanizers and the clubs where they ply their gigolo trade have shaken off such negative stigma. Now, many women both young and old regard host clubs as hip. Hundreds of such clubs have cropped up in Tokyo's Kabukicho and other downtown areas, where they enjoy brisk business in defiance of the ongoing recession. Some hosts are celebrities, appearing on TV, writing books and even advising top businessmen on how to make a suave, convincing sales pitch. Jun, a 22-year-old from Akita Prefecture, is new to the job of professional flirt. After graduating from a vocational school with a major in computer science, he decided his future lay in hosting rather than system engineering. "I thought I could learn about the mysteries of women,'' says Jun, whose pimply face and undyed hair set him apart from the sleek, manicured senior hosts at his club. One of the benefits Jun sees in hosting is that, unlike a regular company employee, a host's income rises in proportion with his ability to sell his services; that is, keeping free-spending women coming back to the club. But the reality is proving to be more difficult than he expected. After 10 months in the business, Jun has been unable to secure a single return client and his life is far from glamorous. Living in the unfashionable Higashi-Koenji area of Suginami Ward and earning only 4,000 yen per night, he can barely afford to take a cab home after the club closes around 1 a.m. Still, Jun's hopes remain high. "My dream,'' he asserts, "is to be number one.''

=> asahi.com/english/weekend/K2002041300293.html

A stable biz:

No evidence of downturn in Japan's gigolo bars

"Before the clients were mostly mature, married, widows or women running their own businesses," said Aida, a former door-to-door mattress salesman, who discovered his vocation as a seducer of housewives. "Today the average age is younger and we have two categories of patron: before midnight it's predominantly office workers, and after midnight there are many hostesses." The gigolo clubs operate along similar lines to the even more numerous hostess clubs catering to male patrons: the men encourage their women clients to spend as much as possible on drinks and snacks and to return as often as possible, as their own income depends on it.

=> sg.news.yahoo.com/030316/1/38znb.html
"I was given a Toyota Celsior by a customer," said 29-year-old Hideki."

"I was 19 when I received a Jaguar," said Misaki, 27.

Doh! I'm in the wrong line of business I tell ya... 8-p

I don't know if they accept foreigners, but it's not too late, Gus, lol.

Obese superheroes, gigolos, doctors... lots of alternatives to ELT positions.

I can see it now... work part-time during the day as a costumed superhero spokesperson then moonlight full-time at night as a host for Club Gigolo. Too bad the Consulate here doesn't promote these kind of jobs more often heheh.
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