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Gifts to bring...???


7 Oct 2003
Hi all ^_^

I'm going to Japan this summer! (finally! I've been waiting 2 years...)
And the main reason I'm going, is to be with my Girlfreind.😍
I can't wait!!!! only 82 days left! hehe :LOL:

Anyway, I'll be staying at her home for 2 weeks... This means I'll be imposing on her familly for the 2 weeks >_> and I feel obligated to get some kind of gifts for them for their trouble... plus, I heard somewhere that its kind of expected...

But I'm not sure wth I should get them.... I don't know her parents at all... And I'm wondering if anyone knows what gifts would be appropriate/suitable for the situation...
can anyone help me?? :?

I'm soo worried, as it is, that I might seem rude or something just cause I'm not used to Japanese culture... even though I've been interested in it for years...
I'm just sooo worried about what to do... ~_~\\
How about Cowboy hats and spurs?

Hmm, no? Well, I think good alcohol is always a hit (I hear whisky is pretty popular, but maybe look for something they'd have a harder time getting, or even learn how to mix a couple drinks). A couple other small 'american' things would be good. Clothes? Maybe things like shirts/sweaters from your university or something.

haha, Do the parents know she's your girlfriend? And they're letting you stay at her house? I imagine they're "fairly" liberal. So atleast you have that to go on.

Well...when my family goes to hong kong to visit our relatives and friends we usually bring gifts from France that are really expensive there or that are nowhere to be found...
I think it's a good idea to bring something that is characteristic to your country. I'm going to Japan next month so I have to find something really Finnish to take with me. Yesterday I was at a gift shop and I saw an oven mit with a Finnish flag and the text "Finland" on it. I though it was perfect for the lady of the house. ^^ Also we have chocolate bars called "Geisha" here so those might be funny to bring too.
I had a Japanese friend stay with my family for a while, and, at first, she was worried that she'd be too much of a burden, because staying in someone's home was something she was not used to because it's not done very often in Japan (that's what she said).

I know that the Japanese rarely entertain in their homes - is it also uncommon for them to have people stay in their homes? Would they only do that with family, if at all?
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