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Ghettocities's's Introduction

Originally posted by Twisted
What would you be doing with an adult magazine, Josh?

I love adult magazines! OMG, If it wasent for adult magazines, adult videos, adult dvds and cd-roms I'd go insane!!! I live for it, it's my life you know? Ok, ok like hmm, in relation with Japan, one of the main reasons I travel over there is because when you meet Japanese girls, go to a love-hotel with them and ask somethign like, "bideo totte mo ii desuka,," THEY ALL SAY YES!!! I love it, you should see my collection, I HAVE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS, it's not even considered porn to me though, it's like hmmm, it's like how a dog pisses on a fire-hydrant you kno? plus I play the dvds at parties and stuff, yeaaaahahaha I know what your saying, "oh that's sick, what kind of party is that" ,, but no, listen, these videos are funnnnnnnny, I say the funniest sh*t and do all this crazy stuff and we all watch it like its a sports event or something, cheering and yelling but yea, like when I was in Japan this winter I got like 200 emails from people telling me they wanna see footage of me pee'ing on girls, hahaha. I LOVE ADULT VIDEOS and I swear ghettocities is going to branch off into the adult business sometime.

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