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Ghettocities's Ban

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Hey everyone, do I have a permanate ban? I've had a lot of time to cool down and think about my actions but understanding that I had three chances prior to this one, the forth, I realize there is not much to back up my truths and that's what I get for burning a bridge.

Anyways I'm sorry if that means anything any more,
no welcome back yet

yeah i just found out i cant post anywhere but here heh, i wrote this nice response but it didnt go through, im a good person, I just over-reacted to other peoples comments about me.

Personal attacks on some of our members... repeatedly.

Josh, you currently have moderated access to the forum, which means Thomas has to aprove everything you post.
Originally posted by mdchachi
So what did you do? I missed it.

I got into quite a few verbal disagreements but then I realized how pointless it was to argue with people who don't think the same way as me.

Arguing with people who don't share your point of view is one thing. Denigrating them with childish insults due to a lack of constructive reasoning because they disagree with you is another thing all together...
, i can't agree with you more and i'm sorry for everything i ever did, since the majority of it was childish and immature.
I think he should of been banned for good. :cautious: But there is always a 2nd chance I guess... there should be a POLL! :box:
lol, WB ghetto.... maybe you should start your own forum! I'm sure it'll solve a lot of troubles, and may make some new ones! Anyhow, good to know the admin here are quite forgiving and openminded. =P
So he's not banned anymore? They have given him a 2nd chance? What did he do anyway to get him banned in the 1st place?
Sup citties

Yo ghettocitties,,Why am i here..Oh ya im going to japan to skate all summer, maybe ill see yuo at E.D.I.T.. But i dont want to light you..oh well.. i luv japanese girls.. its like there atracted to me.. and ive only met the ones in canada... if it its any bit bettet than canada, ill move there . i wanna see what yuo can really do on a skate...fakie shuv 50-50 fs half cab out..can yuo do any...uhhh..lol..ya, well go to E.D.I.T in august at night yuoll see.Peace**
Wow !!

Now there's a ghost from the past!! Josh always reminded me of myself when I was young & crazy! Now I'm old and crazy!!


Welp I hope you learned your lesson, son. You should be lucky you didn't get banned completely. :auch: :eek:
euhm...did you see the last post???? DATED 2003...he's been back here since last year ;)....hehe
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