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Mar 14, 2002
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Welcome to the Japan Forum, and thank you for joining our community!

This is the first of a multiple-page help series to guide you on how to use the Japan Forum. This page will give you an overview of the main features common to the forum and all its related features.


This is the forum home page. To get back to the forum click the "Forum" link in the breadcrumb or "Forum" in the navigation bar.

Areas of interest:

  1. Navigation bar: explore the other areas, the Media Gallery, our Article series, Reviews, Resources (fonts and other downloads), the Blog section, the Member List, and the Japan Directory.
  2. Sub navigation bar: these links will change depending on which section you are browsing. In the Forum, for instance, you can check for new or recent posts, mark fora read and take a look at watched threads.
  3. Account Menu: these options provide links to customise your Profile, your account preferences and privacy settings.
  4. Conversations: also knows as PMs (Private Messages) or PCs (Private Conversations), they allow you to send and receive messages from one or more forum members.
  5. Alerts: whenever someone replies to a thread you are watching, mentions you in a thread, comment, or post, you will receive an alert.
  6. Search: allows you to search the content of the forum and all other sections.
  7. Sidebar: includes a variety of information such as forum statistics, recent profile posts, members online, new reviews, articles, etc.
  8. Logo: a click on the site-wide logo will return you to the Japan Reference (JREF) index page.
  9. Quick Navigation: opens a menu that allows you to conveniently access the most important forum functions as well as all fora and subfora.

Other features include:

  • Featured threads block: showing threads and polls deemed interesting by a staff member.
  • New posts: displaying the latest posts.
  • Node list: these are all the forum sections where the forum discussion threads and posts reside.