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Getting rid of holiday pounds


23 Oct 2003
I don't know about the rest of you but that extra plate of turkey and tourtiティre really didn't help my gut. If your in the same boat as me let's post some tips to help each other out. I want a six pack since it seems as the only place I'm missing muscles show, I used to do sit ups, leg raises, crunches and more. I could feel the burn but no six pack was there. But the problem is that I have abs but a tummy over it! So I need to loose some fat around my gut. To do so cardio is needed (swimming, jump rope, running, bike) these all sound nice but only my gut is where I want to work any suggestions? And how long should a cardio session be to actually loose weight?

I also heard water helps to build muscles, loose weight and it also to flush toxins. So a guide told me 1 liter of water for every meal you consume, man that seems a lot.

Bedtime meal, this is my weakness I tend to eat as much as supper before bed or I wont sleep, the body needs some protein and carbs before bed, but not an overabundance. Heavy eating before bed can cause an increase in body fat unless it is preceded by a weight training workout.

If someone has questions on this subject I'll try to answer you back.
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