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Getting Japanese Student Visa in South Korea

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9 Aug 2017
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I live in the UK and will be receiving my Certificate of Eligibility form from a Japanese university by 20th August. However, I was originally told by the university that my Certificate of Eligibility form would arrive by late July/early August, so I booked a flight to South Korea to leave on the 25th of August, thinking that I would have my visa already sorted out by then and could just go straight from South Korea to Japan to begin my year at a Japanese university in September. It normally takes 4 days for the Japanese embassy in the UK to process a Student Visa once they've received the Certificate of Eligibility form, but I'm wondering if it's worth trying to sort out the Student Visa in the 5 day gap I have between the day it arrives and my flight to South Korea. I would have to leave my passport with the UK Japanese embassy and, should they be unable to process the visa in time, I won't be able to travel to South Korea. When I rang the UK Japanese embassy, they told me that it might be possible to process my student visa in South Korea, but I was wondering if anyone has done this/knows whether doing this is difficult and if I should contact the Japanese Embassy in South Korea in advance. My Japanese is at an intermediate level and my Korean is fairly rudimentary so I was wondering if undergoing the visa process in South Korea would also be difficult.

Any advice would be appreciated!



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8 Aug 2005
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hmm, that is a tight spot... If the certificate arrives by the 20th, you could take it to the embassy and only leave it there if they can confirm that you'll get your passport back by your departure date (maybe you can pay for a rush job?). Otherwise, you can try to go through the embassy in Korea. Your language skills may come in handy, but usually there's at least one staff member that can speak English, so don't worry too much about that.

Good luck and let us know how this situation works out for you, the more anecdotes we have the better!
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