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Getting into KEIO


12 Sep 2016
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Hi All! I'm an American International Baccalaureate (IB) student who has attended international schools his entire life, moving every few years. I'm kickass at writing essays, but unfortunately my test scores are not the best; only a 2070 on the SAT and a predicted 38 or so on the IB.

This summer, I went to visit schools in Japan, visiting everywhere from TUJ, Sophia, Waseda, Keio Mita and Keio SFC in Tokyo to Nagoya Uni in Nagoya, to Ritsumeikan and Osaka Uni in Osaka. My #1 is Keio's GIGA program at the SFC, and unfortunately the guy at the uni wouldn't provide any recommended scores. Do you guys think I could get in?

My #2 is the CRPS program at Ritsumeikan; but I'm sure I could get in there no problem.


12 Nov 2014
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I don't know if it's good or bad news, but it doesn't matter so much whether you're "kickass" at writing essays because the Japanese only care about test scores. I mean, they really love test scores. I'm not sure how your scores compare to others, especially since I don't think Japanese students need SAT for Keio. I didn't need test scores for my university so I haven't paid attention to SAT/GRE in a long while. Hopefully some Keio students can comment for you, but like I said don't worry about essays because tests are all that matter in Japan.


20 Aug 2015
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From a quick look at the application guidelines it seems like a) most Japanese people would not be eligible to apply, therefore removing a lot of competition and b) SAT scores should be submitted if you have them but are not compulsory to submit, ergo you could just not submit them if they are that bad.

Although they do mention an "essay", as already stated test scores are generally of much greater importance in admissions than writing essays in Japan. I imagine the essay and video are just to show you are competent at communicating in English.

I am not familiar with SATs and how the scores work, or indeed with Keio's admission policies (I doubt anyone here can tell you the scores you need for one particular programme). But you know, if you really want to go there then why not just apply and find out? You have nothing to lose, and you have to prepare applications for other universities anyway.


7 Feb 2016
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im not sure about all programs at Keio but in my experience the SAT score wasn`t as important if you could put down a credible well thought out argument on paper and the video interview felt like they were just judging your character ......can`t comment on test scores...
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