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getting into heaven


23 Nov 2003
The gate keeper at heavens pearly gates is told to only admit 33% of souls due to some errors in the previous years figures.

Three men who have just died turn up at the gates and keeping God's command in mind the gate keeper decides to allow the man who died the worst death enter into heaven.

The gate keeper takes the first man to one side and asks how he died. The man replies;

"I suspected my wife was cheating on me so I came home early one day to find her in the shower. I looked all over our 25th storey apartment but couldn't find the guy anywhere. I stepped out onto the balcony and found a guy hanging by his fingers over the edge and trying to get back up. I stood on his fingers but he wouldn't drop so I got a hammer and smashed his finger to bits. He fell all of the 25 storeys but landed in a hedge so I droped our fridge onto him and killed him. I felt really guilty though and shot myself."

The gate keeper is awed by this mis fortune but moves onto the next man and takes him to one side asking how he died.

"Well, I was doing my excercises which my doctor recommended out on the balcony of my 27th storey apartment. I slipped over the edge but managed to grab hold of another balcony a bit further down. I tried pulling myself up but this guy came out on the balcony and started stamping on my fingers. He then got a hammer and smashed my fingers to pieces. I fell over 20 storeys but luckily landed in a bush. The last thing I remember is a big fridge hurtiling towards me."

The gate keeper is again awed by this storey but again asks the next man how he died.

The follows the gate keeper to one side and replies;
"Picture this, your naked in a fridge..."
I remember that one but when i heard it, it was like bill clinton was in the fridge. So who went to heaven?
Good one !
I liked how Peter takes the men to one side to ask how .... hahahaha

As for who gets in, Peter, moved by the adsurdity of the misfortunes of the three, lets them all in, and deserts his position to go to comfort the poor widow. 😍 :devilish:
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