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Geta on the streets of Japan


19 Sep 2002
I live in the United States and wear my geta a lot during the summer.

I'm going to Japan in a couple weeks and of course will buy new geta. Lots of tourists buy geta, but how odd would it be for me to actually wear them around on the streets of Tokyo (or anywhere).

Last time I was there I only noticed a few people wearing geta. A few women in traditional dress, and a couple older men wearing them with western style clothing.
i meant to buy some this last time, but bought too much other heavy stuff
yah, older men from the countryside, most definitely saw a few
It will be very odd unless you're in a resort area where people are walking around in yukata & geta to get to a rotenburo or something.
In the big city, or anywhere for that matter, it would be considered odd. Of course, they will just chalk it up to you being a foreigner, so if your are comfortable in them, more power to ya! :)
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