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Get a job in Japan as a foreigner?

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7 Aug 2017
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Hello, it is Oz :)
I have a question to ask you about working in Japan. Currently I live in Turkey. I lived in USA for 1 year as scholar of Department of State. I am originally from Turkey. I planned to move and work in Japan,but it is not that easy to say. I just started Japanese language exercise. I am a tourism major student right now. What is the best way to create highest chance of finding a job as a tourism major student ?
Would appreciate every kind of answer :)
Have a great day all !


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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What sort of job do you envision yourself doing here? Tour guide? Travel agent? In either of those cases, and in virtually all jobs that are not language teachers, your main goals are to get a degree related to the position and to learn enough Japanese to read/write/converse in it. You don't have to start right off in your field, but that's better. You also don't have to jump right into a paid position; some people get a trainee/internship visa instead, and that way they can learn more about what they would face as a hired employee before committing too much to it.
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