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Gensomaden Saiyuki


30 Sep 2003
Does anybody like it? or know it?

I like it very much! I like the way the hair and eyes are drawn! and umm... why is the Manga different than the Anime? I mean, some things happen in the Manga, but not in the Anime...
Konnichiwa Mayura-san!

I like it too!;) And new Anime series is started yesterday.

I don't know Manga, but does sometimes different to the way of drawing hair and eyes in Manga?

Ooo ... Saiyuki is much more interesting than Dragon Ball ...

Though I cannot help but ... :rolleyes: ... when I think Sanzo. Poor Goku has nooo chance ...

There will always be context differences between an anime & the manga ... (such as Flame of Recca; Furaba; Slam Dunk; Yami no Matsuei ... the list goes on & on) ... it is only the degree of difference that varies
yeah it is i watched the begining of it. i wanna see more but havent gotten around to it yet. but its the same legend though saiyuki sticks to the story alot better.
I love it! ^^ I've seen3 episodes or so of the anime. Mangacity has scanlations of the manga fr anyone who wants to read it. I've read more of the manga than I have seen of he anime. The music is good too.
Can you give me the URL for mangacity huh koranri hopefully its in english cause i cant read japaneese (yet i want to learn)
oh... wow... so many of you know saiyuki! ^^ I watched the whole series about... as many times as they've shown it on tv... 🙂

But... why does the story change? (in the Anime and the Manga)

And umm... well, I did notice that dragonball and saiyuki had something in commen, but I didn't know they were based on the same legend... ^^;
yeah theres a couple others as well, tough as far as ive seen, not as good as saiyuki. theres a chinese one but its like a regular cartoon for kids and it has oolong in it.
hmm... I remember that when I visited China, there was this cartoon type thing, that I thought was so like Saiyuki. My mother than told me it's the "real" legend thing or so, but I think Saiyuki looks better, and is moreinteressting!
yeah yeah i only saw a couple episodes, but it was easy to tell becuase of the monkey with the extend-o stick and the pig. even without it being in english
i like saiyuki a lot (in fact, i just got back from the store... i was buying more saiyuki manga) and i have all the dvd's to date.
Well... not like I knew it... I really don't know... ^^;

But I never saw vcds of Saiyuki here... just books...
well i meant ive talked to a couple singaporeans and they said that those were pretty easy to come by over there. like 40,000 rupiah for a vcd.
rupiah? are u talking bout singapore or indonesia? we do have HK vcds but they aren't that cheap... and to my dear fellow singaporean, i've seen saiyuki vcds in junction8 before. dunno if they still have it... maybe u can go take a look? if not i'm sure anime house has it... anw i love saiyuki too!! watched it 4 times!!! anyone know when the 3rd book of saiyuki reload is coming out? and the anime too?
really? they sell that in junction 8?? O.O

Do you mean Malaysia, jeisan?

No, I don't know about the reload is coming out, but the vol 1 and 2 are already out... they're so nice! ^^ Actually, what's with Dr. Ni at the end??
Saiyuki's cool yeah, but it's like Weiss Kreuz, amazing characters but the anime...is well, lacking. Sanzo is just great though. he rules everything.
i saw it in poh kim in junction 8 last month... they may still have it... but i think it's better if you go anime house... you know where it is?
91 bencoolen street
sunshine plaza
the nearest mrt station is dhoby ghaut...
last month? T.T aww... oh... really? I didn't know where anime house was... ^^ and I seem still not to know... ToT but thank you, I can maybe ask my dad to bring me there,,, one day...
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