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Genki II to Sou Matome N3

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1 Jan 2017
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Hello, I would like to ask if anyone's had experience with going straight to Nihongo sou matome N3 after finishing Genki II. Is it too big a step? I want to take the N3 exam in December and I don't really want to go to Nihongo sou matome N2, as the books are quite expensive and I think Genki II covers a lot of N2 grammar and vocab anyway... I am fine with self-studying the vocab I'll lack after Genki II, even self-studying a few grammar points. But I don't want to open NSM3 and find out the level is too high. So, any advice? :)

Thanks :)

Janet Merai

10 Mar 2007
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You shouldn't skip important steps.

The key to learning is understanding what you learned is to understand the basics.
Don't rush anything, that only makes it worse.

Go from page 1 if you have to and work your way up, going back and reiterating what you learned until you comprehensively know the subject and content and proceed with more expansive knowledge until you are confident you can level up your knowledge.

Just like how some people skip pages in a book, they don't learn anything from it.
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