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14 Mar 2002
And now for something completely different: check your geekiness with the test below. Beware, there are a lot of questions, many of them coined towards an American audience.

My geek factor: 28.00789% - Total Geek :)

thomas, I always enjoy these little quizzes, which might be another sign of geekiness...

Still, I am just a plain ol' geek, having a score of only 22.87968%. I am somewhat disappointed? :confused: hehe
8.08679% places me firmly in the poser group. Does that mean I am cooler than a geek or even less respected than a geek? What standards are used to determine my poserness, who is doing the ranking, and does asking all these pointless questions make me less of a poser in the eyes of the geek community?
My scores oscillates between 24,5% (geek) and 25% (total geek) depending on how many of the last 5 boxes for suggestions I checked. I could easily add 50 more questions. Only for collections, I have made lat least 8 that were not listed (wine labels, cigar rings, banknotes, semi-precious stones, postcards, metrocards, phone cards, exotic souvenirs...). They've forgotten anything related to philosophy, neurosciences, psychology and languages, interest in historical movies or books that nobody else reads, in genealogy and gone back to the middle ages), otherwise, I would probably have scored more than 40% (I still don't know if this is good...).
24.45759% - Geek

hahah i thought i was geekier! i'm being asked to talk about my website in a newspaper...if that's not geeky i do not know what is!
52.332% Super geek. Funny that it doesnt show that I am a closet geek (ie most of my close friends don't know about my geekish tendencies... woe to the women who marries me)

But wouldn't you expect that from a masters student??
24.45759% - Geek

Oh, oh... better get rid of than nuclear matterial in the leaded vault inside the fridge...

yay, Monty Python magic the gathering (still playing for 9 years, I admit it) roleplaying Lovecraft *drool* 😄

I guess my score would be higher if my TV worked correctly and I could watch some more series.
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