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26 Sep 2017
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Just jumped into say Konnichiwa to everyone as im a newbie.

a bit about me:

Im a 22 year old guy from Tasmania in Australia. Im currently studying information systems (computing and management issues) at University and work part time with disabled adults (fragile X, autism etc). I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, swimming and most sports (especially cricket and australian football). My Japanese speaking is pretty average and i cant read the language at all. Ive got a couple of penpals in japan that help me out woth my skills and i hope to travel there in the second part of this year. dont really know why im so into japan, just the culture and all the cool technology and history i guess, girls are pretty cute too lol :emoji_grinning:

Music I like: Slayer, Slipknot, ill Nino, Spine Shank, Utada Hikaru (?) and heaps of stuff!

Favourite Movies; Lord of the rings, Happy Gilmore, surfing videos

Favourite magazines: Australian Surfing Life, Tracks, Snowboader, Eon.

oh and i have terrible spelling and grammar when using message boards as youll all soon come to see (my brain works to fast for my fingers i think 🙂: )

peace and love everyone (say no to war on iraq!!)


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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The latest trend among spammers from Vietnam: refabricate old posts by members who haven’t posted in years to appear legitimate. Hence the reference to Iraq.
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