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Special K

27 Jan 2003
Just jumped into say Konnichiwa to everyone as im a newbie.

a bit about me:

Im a 22 year old guy from Tasmania in Australia. Im currently studying information systems (computing and management issues) at University and work part time with disabled adults (fragile X, autism etc). I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, swimming and most sports (especially cricket and australian football). My Japanese speaking is pretty average and i cant read the language at all. Ive got a couple of penpals in japan that help me out woth my skills and i hope to travel there in the second part of this year. dont really know why im so into japan, just the culture and all the cool technology and history i guess, girls are pretty cute too lol :D

Music I like: Slayer, Slipknot, ill Nino, Spine Shank, Utada Hikaru (?) and heaps of stuff!

Favourite Movies; Lord of the rings, Happy Gilmore, surfing videos

Favourite magazines: Australian Surfing Life, Tracks, Snowboader, Eon.

oh and i have terrible spelling and grammar when using message boards as youll all soon come to see (my brain works to fast for my fingers i think :) )

peace and love everyone (say no to war on iraq!!)
Thanks, twisted, cool to meet ya, bro.

here's a pic of me to (its always cool to be able to see who you're replying to I reckon :) )


Hello~~~Konnichiwa Hajimemashite🙂

I'm your age!!but I'll be 23 soon...:(

You like the Lord of the Rings.so do I.
Have you seen The Two Towers?
You can't see it in Japan untill this February 22!
I really want to see it......

cool, thanks Jin, rad to meet ya!

nice to meet you to :)
yeah ive seen it and its probably the best film ive ever seen! the Ents are really cool, but the battle of helms deeps is awesome, but sad too especially when the elves get killed. gandalf is brilliant in this movie i think.

thanks for the link to the japanese metal band, i had never heard of a japanese one before!
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