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Gays and Lesbians in japan

Define "or are they like the U.S."... I don't think it's fair to make a lump sum suggestion or inference reflective of the broader population as a whole. Depending on where you live you will have both ends of the spectrum (narrow and open-minded) in addition to everything else in-between (degrees of tolerance, etc.). The same applies to Japan I would assume.
Excuse me 😊 i shouldn't have genaralize people in the US as a whole. My over all question is How do japanese feel about gays and lesbians
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I can speak from personal experience with my mother: she was apalled and called it a phase for nearly 20 years. Now, my mother was a fairly traditional Japanese when it came to her family. She, at the end of her life, finally began to accept that I was a normal gay man who did not cross-dress or "flame". Obviously, there are stereotypes in the media - the cross-dressing comics that didn't help.

Overall, it is just not one of those things that is talked about... it is just there and you try not to acknowledge it...

don't ask don't tell, like a lot of stuff there (here?)
two good guidebooks (my opinion) for for this subject - timeout tokyo/let's go guide to japan -- pleanty of info
but i am on the outside looking in -- maybe best advice is to just go to shinjuku ni-chome and watch the people therein?
be safe, peace
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