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14 Nov 2002
Hey,I was checking out this forum when I realise that there's no special room for GAMES.
There's J-Pop,Manga,Anime,Gossip,Movies.......
But there' no room for GAMES
Hey,you gamers...
Join me here!!!👏
Yeah, great and could you make subfora for all different consoles (including vintage) and all the different gamegenres. :D

Just kidding. Perhaps when the need arises. :)
conso = machines like Play Station, PS ONE, PS2, family com, Super family Com, Nintendo 64, Dream Cast

hmm ... maybe this one will help ... Atari !
I am a great fan of final fantasy as well! It was actually my first contact with something that could be tied to Japanese culture (although they don't deal with it dirrectly, the culture still is present) and I would say, one of the main early reasons I developed an interest in Japan in general. FF is the only series that I still follow, but another console iteration and I don't know if I will be willing to spend the money to keep up.
I definately think there should be a game forum. I'm a little obsessed with Japanese RPG's and some adventures. Final Fantasy is probably my life - which is so sad its pathetic! I also love pretty much all other squaresoft RPG's as well as many others - too many to type here really! I'd love to find more people to chat about games with online so a games forum would be a really good idea.

My favorite is The Final Fantasy series, they are just so great. I`m waiting for FF X - 2 to come to Norway.
Great idea.

I agree with you Twisted.

Since i play computer games, hold and new, Role playing and Adventure.

I als collect hold games, mind you, i also sell them.

I am tempt to by a Play Station 2, but i can`t decide yust jet.

I do have many FF for computer and PS2, but i can`t seems to care for them. Although, i have to admit that the graphics are beautiful.

Maybe some day, i will change my mind about it and start playing them.


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