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gamecube with dvd player?


28 Mar 2003
i wuz really surprised when
a friend told me that u can buy a gamecube in japan
which includes a dvd player....

so know i got some questions:

1st- is that true?
2nd-how much does it cost?
3rd-does it work in europe as well?
Yes, it does exist. It's actually a machine produced by Panasonic.
You can check it out on this website, which prices it at 459 USD.
Apparently you can't play any European games on it.

I haven't been able to find an official website, but if you google around you'll sure to find other sites with information.
Ah yes, the Panasonic Q. I think there are extra mods out there that will allow you to play both NTSC and PAL format discs/games.
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