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Game Ranking Website or magazine?


Lost in the maze of life
18 Sep 2004
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Can anyone recommend me with a good game ranking website or magazine that I can buy. Currently I'm with http://www.dengekionline.com/soft/ranking.html which sadly doesnt include PC games ranking.

Any other suggestion for a website, preferly the one with daily to yearly ranking if possible. If possible. Tho any site would be nice tho. A reliable one. Or just paste any of your favourite site or the site that you use. Same for magazine too. The more the better~

Anyway I was talking about the Japan's ranking not international ranking >.<

Did you know that Japan no. 1 top revenue for Game Industry came from pachinko machine and arcade (which come first I forgot and I thought Arcade already died long time ago. note : most arcade revenue came from outside of Tokyo). I'm so dissapointed. I thought the console might have owned Japan Game Industry. Mobilephone gaming is scarily going up. PC is dying. Online Games barely put a notch at all on the graph. :(

Don Don Don!~~!!!!11one
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