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Iron Chef

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26 Feb 2003
Not sure if this is the appropriate forum in which to ask as there isn't really a "gallery forum" per se therefore I for one would like to request some specific images from our "in-house" photographers. You guys really do a great job of capturing everything from traditional to more contemporary themes and hats off to you for your work. I was wondering though if someone could post some Kendo and or Taiko related pics if they ever get the opportunity. These two cultural aspects are particular favorites of mine and something I was involved heavily with during my time there. Oh yeah, and a couple snaps of some of the nicer cars wouldn't hurt either. Call it a guilty pleasure 8-p Thanks in advance and keep up the great work all! Anyone else have any suggestions for what they would like to see more of in the Gallery?

I'm not sure about kendo and taiko, but we already have some kyudo and sumo shots in the gallery (thanks to Miyuki-san and Mandylion). Of course, any contribution is welcome. Welp, anything, as long as its covered, lol.

Once again, I would like to thank all members who shared their wonderful pics with us!

Ummm, I'm not sure if this reply fits in here, but I'll stick it in here anyways :emoji_wink:

..how about a gallery of the members? -->pictures of members themselves. I actually don't know if there is one already (I didn't find it), or is this even wanted, but I think it would be nice to really "see" you 🙂:

edit: I almost forgot! how about drawings? Can you post those in the gallery? I'd love to see some art You've made, and maybe I'd find some courage to post some of my own..
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