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13 Aug 2003
Hi there,
A short time ago, I uploaded 4 pics to my gallery. One of the 4 was approved a day later, the others waited still for approval 3 days later, and now they're just gone.
But... is a picture of my sleeping cat that horrible that it's not approved? Or would I get a msg if it wouldn't be approved (i didn't get any at all)? or did they get lost?
The other two pictures were just some sketches or photos of mine (they might seem senseless but are for sure even more innocent than my sleeping cat).
The size, format etc., of the pictures were ok as well.
Just curious about what happened.
Hi @maji, we experienced some database problems recently due to an upgrade. As there are no pictures to be approved at the moment, I kindly ask you to upload your images once again. Sorry about the inconvenience!
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