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Galerians: ASH


23 Oct 2003
Am I the only one who played this game? I've heard its been banned from rental video stores in the US due to the reputation Galerians had.
Galerians wasn't banned , but I think Galerians: ASH ( The second one) was, well that's what I saw at gamefaqs.com.

They said kids like to imitate there favorite characters in games, well in this case its a pill popping, syringe doping, psychokinetic boy.
Didn't heard about that. Interesting news, nonetheless.

I own both games, and enjoyed them immensely. Pity life decided to imitate art in this case.
Which style did you prefer, the Resident Evil style of the first Galerians or the action game style of Galerians: Ash?

I would say the action style it was much easy to move around and avoid attacks then in Resident Evil style where it was limited.

I also found Galerians: Ash to be extremely easy, with unlimited drugs for the taking it was a walk in the park. In Galerians you had to manage your drugs since if you went dry you would short your brain. You could always visit your pusher though.
I also prefered the gameplay of Ash. Although the Resident Evil style of the first game was difficult to control at times, the drug managing system was an interesting challenge.
I'm sure the creators got credit in Japan but I'm not sure about other places. I know in North America it could be called a hidden hit were no commercials or game mags advertising were done.
Ya I know I liked the games! I dunno whats there problem.

Has anyone seen Galerians: Rion? In 2002 you could buy Galerians: Ash X Rion. It was a speacial offer you would get Galerians: Ash the game for Ps2, the 3 disk OAV of the first Galerians, a capsule box lol and a dog tag. It was 18500 yen so I just bought the game. Here are some pictures:


You can also buy simply Galerians: Rion the OAV but there still expencive. About 3980円 maybe they went down a little.

A English version of Galerians: Rion OAV has come out. "Galerians Rion - Man.Machine.Menace" Its about 25$CAD, I'm not sure if its the same as the Japanese version though since its only one DVD.
I never played the first one, but i thought the second one was pretty cool. I had some issues with the fact that you didn't get many different drugs. I was hoping there would be like 20.

The plot was cool, but i never finished it. I just borrowed it. And it wasn't banned from video rental places, the Blockbuster by my house has it.
20 drugs seems a lot. There are different levels of drugs though. Some can only be used once and I found that boring.

I rented mine at a Microplay, some big fat Japanese guy owns it, he's pretty kool he always plays some anime or kool movies and you can sit and watch.
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