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GAINAX's "decadence"


26 Nov 2003
I will be very grateful for answer... I think this question isn't so simple as it should be.
I'm GAINAX fan for many years (5-6 maybe) but in my eyes they just fell when they done 5th episode of "Kare Kano". So ,when Hideaki Anno end his last episode for GAINAX...
In my opinion Gainax is a famous but very special studio created by fans ,not only for cash but to make dreams come true...
I cannot understand who ,why and how destroy precious beauty of this studio :(. Anime like "Evangelion" ,"Wings of Honneamise" ,"Nadia" ,"Gunbuster" or "Otaku no Video" are exceptional ,astonishing and miraculous ,in my opinion. But everything done after 4th episode of "KareKano" look like (sorry for word) **** for me. Their anime don't have that "something" ,don't have unusual magic within selves.

If anybody can tell me sth about it - please do that.
I was really sad because of that because Gainax was (and still is ,but only old movies) only and dearest studio for me.
They old productions will be always unique and beautiful for me but I cannot accept or understand how it is possible to spoil the creation who used to produce wonderful sons and daughters...

Kaworu Nagisa
Originally posted by TyPe-ZeRo
I watched Kare Kano, the art was simple to begin with

I appreciate your post but I don't see connection between my post and your answer...

And btw: I don't like newer anime because of design or sth so simple but because of stories. These new stories are like a candle in the sunshine compare them with older anime :(.
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