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Gaijin Escapades!

Sgt. Wang

9 May 2003
If anyone has any embarrassing, funny, or dumb moments that happened to them while in Japan, submit them here!! I find these experiences quite entertaining.
Ok, here are my first ones. One time when I was in a restauraunt, and I was asking for the bill. But instead of "okanjou kudasai", which is asking for the bill, I said,"kanojo kudasai". I was bewildered when all the Japanese people were looking at me, some laughing hysterically, and some glaring at me. So I looked at my Japanese friend Kei and asked him what the problem was, and he explained that I didn't say that I wanted the bill, but that I wanted the waitress!!😊 I was totally embarrassed, and told her I was sorry. She thought it was funny, and thought it was a hilarious thing for a bumbling gaijin to do!:D
when I first went to Japan in 2000 I was sightseeing and uh used a toilet meant for disabled people (the only western one....) and I couldn't find the right button to push so I pushed them all, including a red one. As I was leaving I noticed a man in uniform rushing into the loo after me.... hehe I had pushed the emergency button. :p
oppai - breast ippai - alot. The girl i was talking too bit her lip and tried so hard not to laugh.
Old man ponders ? Posted this Before?

When I first got to Japan and went in town, everyone was so friendly saying HI . Every time I heard a HI, I smiled and waved and said HI back.
Learned hai ment yes later !

Well, a few years back, I had a stop over in Japan for 3 hours, this was when Pokemon was the thing, I saw pokemon cookies and was amazed I even pointed at it, and to my amazement I saw two kids (maybe like 5-6 years old) point at me and laugh, boy i felt stupid hahaha anyway after that my dad bought like a big blue Cup o Noodles thing, spicy seafood flavor for me and him, good stuff, they dont have it here tho :/
I got pulled over for speeding once *sigh* although I think it must have been my lucky day because the two officers seeing I was a foreigner and that I had all my credentials intact, decided they didn't want to deal with all the headache and hassle of filling out the appropriate paperwork so they just let me go. Sometimes pretending you don't speak or understand Japanese very well can do wonders for you in a pinch... Considering how fast I was going at the time... lucky day indeed. 8-p
I was 20 yrs old then and my friends and i were in a public bus with quite a no. of cute young japanese guys. While traveling, we were discussing which guy is cuter in chinese(well, they wont understand), and after many ppl alight, there left 1 cute guy. So my friend was saying "Hey, the guy sitting behind you also quite cute leh! (in chinese)".

Guess what, the guy actually alight with us and asked where we were from! Cos he's from China and studied in Japan. We were like shocked! A pity we were so embarassed that we left quickly. (shld have at least asked the name of the cute guy)

Lol. I also had this one time I thought a little girl was cute, and I said, "Kowai" instead of "Kawaii". The little girl looked really angry, and I thought she was going to hit me!!

My japanese friend took me to a sushi shop. I was watching how they ate sushi. I took a tako sushi(otopus) and put the whole thing in my mouth. After chewing for 5mins. I thought it was o.k. to swallow.
It got stuck in my throat. I was starting to choke. I slid off my stool and went for the bathroom. Luckily, it wasn't lodged and I spit the thing up.
When I came out, I met many smiling faces. I wanted to find the nearest rock.:p
A friend of mine wanted to say "Ii kutsu da yo" (nice shoes) but instead said "Ii ketsu da yo." (nice ***).
One of my friends while riding the train wanted to offer his seat to an older lady who was standing. He meant to say "suwatte kudasai" (please have a seat), but it came out "sawatte kudasai" (touch me).
*writes down again in notebook* Yup that lady must have been really happy. Why is it alot of words when you say them wrong always mean something perverted but i can use this one haha
I kind of think of it as a more entertaining way to start a conversation, or when you're bored, you can just watch some bumbling gaijin try to understand the Japanese language.
I think I might have told this one before and it wasn't me (really) but a friend of mine told me that he once was introduced to a girl named Umiko. He misheard the name and later called her Unko!
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