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Gaijin Deluge?

Sorry but the stats are once again misleading.

North and South Koreans don't deserve being classified as [gaijin]. I'd say most are forced to be either of the two nationalities. I've met many Koreans (both N and S) whose grandparents were born in Japan and friends and aquitances alike couldn't even come up with "hello" in Korean.

hehe.... how many illegal residents are there in Japan?
You're right. MOJ however counts them in. Stats and pre-election polls, never trust them!

I tried to find other sources yesterday, but could only come up with the links listed above.
All these statistics only mention Asian and South American people residing in Japan. I'd like to know the exact numbers for every European country, the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc. It would be much more interesting than to know that more than half the foreigner are Koreans and almost the rest are Chinese, Thai, Philipinos, Brazilians, Peruvians, etc. I expect Westerners only make up for less than 5% of foreigners in Japan, most of them Americans on working visas.

Anybody has info about this ?
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