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Gackt - Vanilla (night Version)

26 Jul 2003
Hello every1! I'm a gackt fan and I'm searching for the Vanilla night version PV. but I can't find it anywhere!:( I want it so badly! could some1 help me out ? thank you all very much!🙂 Hope to hear from you soon
Well, I downloaded that song from my WINMX but I guess you could also get it 4rm Kazaa._. 👍
I think I have a video where he's singing Vanilla and it sounds like the unplugged (Night) version. I think you could probably find it on Kazaa or somewhere. I can't remember where I found it. I still have it on my computer. It's 45 MB. Good luck finding it! If I can find out any more info, I'll post it here.
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