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gackt surprise party


2 Nov 2003
will anyone attend the gackt surprise party?
gackt will fullfill one wish from one person, you think he would do everything?? :D

but, i'm sooooo depressed that i won't get the chance to go there... poor other fans, who won't get the chance, either.......:(

one question, which I haven't found:
it will be in japan, ne?
I wonder what the, erm, restrictions for the wishes are..... I mean, would he grant *any* wish?? *feeling of fangirlish possibility*😌
I think you've got to collect tickets or sth to be able to attend the party,, I envy Japanese, they can attend Gackt's concerts and watch him 24/7,, >_<
surprise party? wat is that?gackt's ?.... if only he would have a world tour... one country every year. cool huh.
It's a contest. Buy Platinum Box 4, buy the Last Song single, and the Crescent album. Then you get the coupons from each of those, send them in, and go to the surprise party website, where you enter there as well. Then they pick people. Ta da.

It's all fairy-tale outlandish. Gackt says he will pick 30,000 fans worldwide (those who've been obedient lil fans and bought the aformentioned releases and entered the contest) to grant a wish for. "Any wish will be granted, as long as it is within reason." "He hopes his fans will not disappoint him with demands that are unreasonable or selfish."

There you go. Hope that clarified it.

Haaaa~~~ I somehow knew it would be sth likt this....
I mean, it would be too good, a party which gackt personally attempt..... unpossible...... the fans would overrun him *gg*
and for the wish...... what could it be, if it isn't selfish? to get a sign? to get a private photo? If it would be me, I wouldn't wish for such sings.... I would wish to record a song with him! :D
oh... record a song with gackt-sama...? i won't mind that too.... oh.... * drools* i wonder if he'll like a duet with a girl ( or any of u gals reading this) like me.... * faints*
anyone heard sth. about the "party"? It was held on 20th of january, I think I read it somewhere..... It just interests me, wht was actually done. 😄
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